The Best Hot Sauce For Eggs

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The Best Hot Sauce For Eggs

It’s no secret that eggs are much better with a generous splash of hot sauce. Assuming you’re not making gourmet Eggs en Cocotte, hot sauce can do wonders for plain eggs. If you are trying to have a quick, tasty breakfast, fried eggs need nothing more than a few dashes of these hot sauces to spice up the morning.

We have tried many, many hot sauces over the years, and we usually try them all on eggs or omelets at some point. Some of these sauces can even be found at your local grocery store for under $5.

While we do love using artisan hot sauces on our breakfast, nothing quite beats the taste of homemade. Try our Fresno Hot Sauce Recipe and our Jalapeno Hot Sauce Recipe if you’re interested in making your own breakfast sauce.

Note: These sauces are not ranked, but rather stand together at the top of our hot-sauce-for-eggs list. The best sauce for your eggs will depend on personal tastes and flavor preference.

1. Cholula Original

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Cholula Original Hot Sauce

If you’re choosing between common grocery store hot sauces, Cholula is our top pick for eggs. The higher salt level (110mg per tsp) means a ton of flavor in every dash. We love the flavor of Cholula Original for turning plain, boring eggs into a tangy, savory breakfast.

Taking all things into consideration, Cholula is likely the best all-around hot sauce for eggs. It is cheap, accessible and filled with a unique flavor that compliments a fried egg beautifully. The combination of arbol and piquin peppers gives the sauce plenty of heat and a flavor unlike any other hot sauce we have tried.

Whether it’s swirling and mixing with runny egg yolks, or dashed across a cheese omelet, Cholula will only improve your egg breakfast!

Read our review of Cholula and learn more about its interesting origins as a tequila chaser!

2. Hot Ones Los Calientes

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Hot Ones Los Calientes Hot Sauce

If you want to step it up a few levels and get into more high-end gourmet hot sauces, Hot Ones’ Los Calientes is the perfect option. Hot sauce connoisseurs know the Hot Ones collection of sauces well, and Los Calientes falls right in the middle on the spiciness scale.

A beautiful blending of tropical flavors and smokey peppers, this sauce compliments eggs well. It is also a great option for lunch or dinner options. We generally can’t find one bad thing to say about Los Calientes.

One of the only potential drawbacks is the price, though we think it is worth it (especially if you love spicy food). You get what you pay for in the hot sauce world, and with Los Calientes, the first ingredients are smoked peppers, not water or vinegar.

Read our review of Los Calientes to learn more about the flavor profile and heat level.

3. Dawson’s Original

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Dawsons Hot Sauce Review

If you’re looking for a more fancy and elegant sauce, Dawson’s has a great lineup of options for sale on Heatonist. Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Dawson’s hot sauce have a unique look, with the bottle cap covered in melted wax like a fancy bottle of bourbon.

The ingredients are equally unique, with many of their hot sauce recipes containing olive oil for a rich, deep flavor. We especially love Dawson’s Original hot sauce for its higher heat level and raw Habanero flavor. Some claim that the flavor is overpowering, but with eggs, we like a lot of flavor.

If you like it spicy, then this hot sauce will not disappoint. Our bottle of Dawson’s didn’t last very long as it was one of our go-to sauces for a quick flavor and heat fix.

Read our full review of Dawson’s Original hot sauce and see what other foods we recommend using the sauce for.

4. Tabasco Hot Sauces

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Tabasco Habanero Sauce on Eggs

Tabasco is a staple in many people’s pantry (that’s right, you don’t need to refrigerate this stuff). Known for an extra kick over common competitors, Tabasco is one of the best hot sauces for eggs. With lots of vinegar zing and a red pepper burn to boot, we love Tabasco Original for it’s simple, cutting flavor. After being around for over 150 years, you have to respect the longevity of this classic hot sauce recipe.

They have also introduced new flavors, one of which is the higher-heat Habanero variety. If you like it extra spicy, a tiny bottle of Habanero Tabasco will be your new best friend. With new flavors like papaya and mango, this sauce gives a powerful Jamaican-style flavor to your eggs. Perhaps one of the most powerful sauces we use, the tiny 2oz bottle goes a very long way!

5. Frank’s RedHot Sauce

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Franks RedHot Consistency

Another historic sauce, Frank’s RedHot is a great topper for a wide variety of foods. Well known for making Buffalo sauce possible in the 1960s, this sauce goes well on everything.

6. Torchbearer Zombie Apocalypse

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Zombie Apocalypse Hot Sauce 2

This sauce is not for the faint of heart. Clocking in at 100,000 SHUs on the Scoville scale, this sauce will add a ton of heat to your morning breakfast. But, the flavor is so good, even first thing in the morning. Torchbearer has many delicious sauces, all of which feature unique and charming label art. We always have a bottle on hand.

Read our in-depth review of Zombie Apocalypse here and learn more about this spicy favorite.

7. Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce

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Dirty Dick's Hot Sauce 2

Don’t be fooled by the silly name. This sauce sauce is incredibly unique, not too spicy, and a favorite on our morning eggs. Crafted with habanero peppers, bananas and raisins, this sauce is definitely on the sweeter side.

We have been using this hot sauce for years and we typically go through a bottle very quickly. Not only does it taste great on eggs, it’s perfect for any dish you want to add a splash of flavor or heat to. It’s exotic, tropical, and an overall tasty treat of a sauce.

Read our in-depth review of Dirty Dicks Hot Sauce here

Honorable Mentions

If we’re being honest, most hot sauces compliment the flavor of eggs very well. Here are some additional hot sauces we find ourselves reaching for during breakfast.

  • Queen Majesty Red Habanero and Black Coffee – The first ingredient is coffee-infused vinegar. If that doesn’t spark your curiosity in the morning, we’re not sure what will! This sauce is a fantastic compliment to any fried egg.
  • Kitchen Garden Farms Sriracha – Kitchen Garden Farms crafts several varieties of sriracha. Take it from us, they’re all delicious. Our personal favorite for eggs is the habanero sriracha. It adds a pleasant amount of heat and flavor to spice up your day.
  • Yellowbird Habanero – We love the easy squeeze bottle of Yellowbird sauces. But, we’re also obsessed with the flavor they bring to the table. While you can find these sauces at many grocery stores, we find the best price is online.

Check out our favorite hot sauces of the year in our best hot sauce article here.


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