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Once again, Hot Ones has graced us with an all new Last Dab hot sauce. This one has been deemed The Last Dab Apollo, owing to the all new pepper variety used in the sauce.

The Apollo pepper is an illusive and mysterious new pepper variety bred by, you guessed it, Smokin’ Ed Currie. Ed has been involved with several of the recent Last Dab sauces and is as famous as they come in the hot pepper community.

Currie is known for creating the Carolina Reaper pepper, the world’s hottest (officially recognized) pepper, though there is some controversy about it.

He also created the Pepper X pepper, the primary heat source for the previous Last Dab Triple X hot sauce. That sauce was seriously hot, but not as violently spicy as the original Reaper edition.

Watch Us Taste Apollo Hot Sauce:

Sean Evans made a comment that, in testing, they thought Apollo might actually be too spicy for the celebrities on Hot Ones to endure. Naturally, this got us excited to try the sauce as soon as possible.

We tried the sauce hours after it arrived and, well, we had some thoughts…

Heat: 5/5 Unquestionably among the spiciest of non-extract sauces.
Flavor: 3/5 Nothing ground breaking, just peppers and vinegar.
Value: 2/5 It is an exclusive pepper, but the price is off-putting.
Overall rating: 3/5Ideal for chiliheads, not flavor seekers.
Last Dab Apollo Hot Sauce

Last Dab Apollo Review and Flavor

First off, The Last Dab Apollo takes a major departure from previous Last Dab sauces. This hot sauce is made up of 2 major ingredients, peppers, and vinegar. There are technically 4 ingredients, but 3 of them are derived from the Apollo pepper.

The result, a relatively flat flavor with explosive heat and not much else. This isn’t necessarily bad, since some people use hot sauce to add heat to meals without changing the flavor. However, my recommendation to them would be to grow fresh peppers and use those instead – much more rewarding.


  • Savory peppers
  • Superhot flavor, not too floral

How to Use It…

  • Make anything unbearably spicy
  • Upset your friends

Last Dab Apollo Ingredients

With that said, the sauce has an interesting aroma. It smells savory with a slight hint of carrots, almost like a savory vegetable stew. Given the limited ingredients, we can really only attribute this to the Apollo pepper itself.

The Apollo Pepper Distillate listed in the ingredients is made using CO2 extraction. This process is similar to how they produce high-end essential oils. We’re not sure if this can be considered an ‘extract,’ though (let us know in the comments if you have insight on this).

If you need a savory, fiery pepper sauce that doesn’t mess around with herbs and spices, this might be it. As long as you enjoy your food wickedly hot.

More About The Apollo Pepper…

Smokin’ Ed is constantly experimenting with new pepper crosses, so naturally, the Apollo pepper was born from this practice.

The Apollo pepper reportedly comes from cross breeding the Carolina Reaper and Pepper X pepper plants.

These are both intensely spicy varieties, though no one has really been able to taste the Pepper X in raw pepper form.

The name presumably comes from the Greek god Apollo, known as the god of sun and light. The sun is hot, the pepper is hot, voila. It could also have to do with the Apollo NASA missions. This sauce could secretly be rocket-powered, who knows.

The Last Dab Apollo Scoville Rating

Seeing as the Carolina Reaper and Pepper X peppers are the Apollo pepper’s parents, this sauce is ferociously spicy. However, the exact Scoville rating is still TBA. For now, we’ll give our best guess based on previous Last Dab Scoville ratings and the Apollo pepper’s origin. Check back for updates here as we learn more from official sources.

Simply put, Last Dab Apollo likely has a Scoville rating of 2.5 million+ SHUs, though an official rating has yet to be announced. After tasting, I wouldn’t be surprised by a Scoville rating in this territory. However, the Pepper Geeks both agreed that The Constrictor hot sauce, made of reapers, was hotter.

See where some other superhot sauces stack up on the Scoville scale.

Last Dab Apollo Side

Last Dab Apollo Consistency

Like former Last Dabs, Apollo is thick and chunky. The fresh peppers are almost chewable and the vinegar is kept at a relatively low concentration. This means the sauce pours nice and slowly, as you’d want with this much fire power.

Last Dab Apollo Consistency

The color is a deep red, hinting that the Apollo pepper may have a darker color than the original Reaper. Some red pepper varieties are bright red while others can have a deeper, more burgundy look when full ripe. Time will tell!

Where To Buy Last Dab Apollo

The Last Dab Apollo can be found exclusively on Heatonist, currently priced at $22 (plus shipping). This is the most expensive Last Dab thus far, though the bottle should last most people a long, long time.

This would be a great gift for anyone you know who loves super-spicy food. The price makes sense, given that each bottle likely requires a couple dozen peppers to produce. Also, the pepper itself is highly exclusive to Smokin’ Ed’s reserves.

Overall, we were blown away by the heat of Apollo. The sauce comes up short in value due to the extreme price tag and the relatively standard flavor. It is really more of a party trick than a great hot sauce. We’ll continue to use the former Last Dab varieties for their more interesting flavor.

Have you tried The Last Dab Apollo? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Last Dab Apollo Bottle

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  1. I’m a bit puzzled as to the 2 million+ Scoville rating of Apollo and Reaper as compared to the 180k rating of Dave’s Insanity Sauce which I find to be on the same intensity level. Then there’s the 135k level of Da Bomb which is a totally disgusting mouth melter… not sure if Scoville units are a true measure of heat.

  2. I’m not a huge hot sauce nut but I bought this in a pack of Hot Ones hot sauces at the same time as I tried a sample of some other hot sauce that I don’t remember the name of. In the store the sample was labelled “extreme” and had a warning, which I did not heed, one of only two in the store with those label, and it was MUCH MUCH hotter than the last dab Apollo. It killed me for nearly 45 minutes, I was sweating and my eyes were watering and for the first 15 or so minutes I wasn’t going to try to drive home… I would not eat it again.

    In comparison this hot sauce (Apollo) is nothing, I use it regularly in dishes and while it burns a bit it’s not even in the same ballpark as that other sauce. If this is 2.5 million that other one was 10 million+… though I also have one labelled 400k and if that is accurate then I highly doubt Apollo is 2.5 million… Maybe around 1 million, it’s probably a bit more than twice as hot subjectively than the 400k sauce I have.

  3. I found the flavor of this sauce, kinda fruit forward and actually pleasant. The bottle I received was not thick and chunky, but actually pretty thin. I thought it was odd, because I have seen this on Hot Ones and it seemed thicker… Maybe they’re thinning it out and cutting cost. The heat hit fairly quickly and kept building. In about 20 minutes, it was like it never happened.

  4. Distillate means extract, extract has been extracted from pepper matter with CO2 and then distilled probably using a rotovap to isolate the capsaicin and terpenes in the pepper.

  5. I love the last dab Apollo sauce but I believe it is not even close to the hottest sauce in the world but it had intense heat that kept building but the sauce I think could be the hottest would be Mad Dog 357 gold edition

  6. Good review and your ranking is spot on. For non Super Hots lovers, it makes no difference cause it’s just too damned hot, but for those of us that eat super hots quite literally as a daily part of our meals, then taste becomes really important.

  7. CO2 “extraction” = extract. This is the same method used to isolate caffeine from coffee. Distillation does not involve an extraction medium, but takes advantage of different equilibrium states having different compositions so I’m confused as to what process they actually used.

  8. There is not pepper x and there is no apollo pepper. there is apollo sauce but not a pepper. if I cant buy the seeds and grow them, it not exist. stop misleading people with new pepper varieties.

    1. Please state your sources. I keep hearing people say this but nobody can provide a creditable source. Just like a lot of people say Ed “stole” the reaper genetics from Primo but can’t provide a source. In today’s technological boom I’m hard pressed to belive a lab couldn’t do genetic testing and prove or disprove the 7 pot and reaper are the same genetics. Why wouldn’t Primo do that and take the world record and discredit Ed?

  9. Flat flavor, no citrus but a lot of the acidity. The heat was immediate but on a 1 to 10 scale I would put it at a 7.5 where the fresh reaper pepper got a solid 10 for sure. For the price the heat and flavor are pretty underwhelming. The previous Last Dab entries are more what I was expecting. Zero hiccups. Light nose run. Breathing was okay. I could talk fine. Not to be dramatic but this left me a little further from pepper death than I liked.

  10. This Apollo Sauce had a tangy, citrusy initial flavor, not floral like some others. Heat was immediate where the Reaper builds more slowly. Apollo much hotter, and not near as sweet. I have tried it I several dishes and it compliments Chili’s, and other acidic foods wonderfully. Pepper X was not necessary a great flavor, but had heat. This Apollo, in my opinion, would receive a 4.8 out of 5. I hav eno doubts Scoville will put this at top of their list

  11. Did you guys get a citrus/acidic taste from our bottle? I’m just curious because I have not seen any other reviews saying they tasted that and it was the first thing that came to mind for me. It also slightly reminded me of a scorpion pepper

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