Monoloco Pierdealmas Hot Sauce Review

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Straight out of Costa Rica comes an all new super-spicy hot sauce. Chile Monoloco crafts their Pierdealmas hot sauce from locally grown ghost peppers and scotch bonnets. We were eager to try this sauce when we saw it take the number 9 spot on Hot Ones season 12.

This sauce is a savory beast straight from the tropics. With a lemony kick and not much else to tame the hot peppers, Pierdealmas hot sauce is no joke in the heat department!

Monoloco Pierdealmas Hot Sauce
Heat: 4.5/5 Just shy of the hottest sauces – very spicy.
Flavor: 2.5/5 Earthy, pepper-forward flavor with slightly bitter lemon.
Value: 2/5 Expensive for just 5oz, but most all-natural sauces are.
Overall rating: 3/5Solid sauce, though the flavor isn’t our favorite.

Monoloco Pierdealmas Review and Flavor

Yet another ghost pepper hot sauce is now in our refrigerator. We’re not complaining, though, as Pierdealmas turns out to be the perfect sauce for one type of food: Mexican.

The lemon paired with dried herbs and spices make this super-hot sauce blend seamlessly with rice and beans. Perfect to kick up your next burrito bowl, or maybe some enchiladas.


  • Immediate pepper burn
  • Pepper flavors first
  • Lemon zing

How to Use It…

Monoloco Pierde Almas Scoville and Ingredients

This is one of the few sauces we have tried that does not contain Vinegar, but rather ‘lemon’ to preserve the sauce’s fresh ingredients. This leads to a very strong lemon flavor that pairs well with the ghost and scotch bonnet peppers.

Overall, we weren’t overly impressed with the flavor profile of pierdealmas. While the peppers and lemon are an interesting pair, there was some bitterness and a sense that something was missing.

However, paired with a flavorful assortment of avocados, onions, beans and rice, this sauce will work just fine.

Monoloco Pierde Almas Scoville

With any hot sauce, it is good to know where it stacks up on the Scoville Scale. This is an objective scale that determines a pepper or hot sauce’s heat level. Peppers range from 0 Scoville Heat Units all the way up to well over 2 million SHUs.

Simply put, Pierde Almas hot sauce comes in at an impressive 665,000 SHUs on the Scoville scale. Though we have tasted some hotter sauces, this is one of the more spicy all-natural sauces we have tried.

Monoloco Pierdealmas Label

When the label says ‘Very, Very, Very hot,’ you start to expect some serious heat. Clearly, the Pierdealmas label was not kidding.

See where some of our other favorite hot sauces stack up on the scoville scale here.

Pierdealmas Hot Sauce Consistency

Monoloco Pierdealmas Hot Sauce On Spoon

This sauce is on the thinner side, so be sure to pour gently. While we typically prefer a more thick sauce in order to meter our pours, this sauce still manages to be smooth.

This is likely thanks to the sunflower oil that adds a nice creamy texture and a bright shimmer.

Monoloco Pierdealmas hot sauce is also chock-full of seeds and tiny bits of fresh peppers. The appearance makes it very clear that

Monoloco Pierdealmas (Video Review)

The heat from Pierdealmas hits faster than most other sauces we have tasted. The sensation is intense and burns from lips all the way down the throat.

Chile Monoloco seems to have a sense of humor, too. The label claims that the sauce was made with love by ‘crazy monkeys and spicy food lovers.’ So how well have the monkeys done on this one?

Where To Buy Pierdealmas Hot Sauce

Pierdealmas can be found on Heatonist for around $18 (plus shipping). This price is on the higher side, even considering the all-natural ingredient list.

If you’re looking to spend around $20 for hot sauce, we would probably recommend some of our favorite sauces over this one. However, if you eat a lot of Mexican food, this may be worth the steep price.

You can also buy directly from Chile Monoloco here, however the cost will be in Costa Rican Colóns.

While Monoloco’s Pierde Almas is not a Pepper Geek favorite, it was great to try something new. The lemon forward flavor and intense heat were definitely thrilling to experience.

Have you tried Pierdealmas? Leave us your take on this hot sauce in the comments below.

Monoloco Pierde Almas Consistency
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  1. For 600000 Scoville that was pretty weak. Good taste but also glad is wasn’t crying in tears. I would have not thought that was that high on heat, didn’t taste really hot at all

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