Tabasco Scorpion Sauce Review

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Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce was the very first hot sauce I ever tried. I was in my 10s, and I said a bad word. A dab of Tabasco was my punishment.

Well, that backfired! Now I run a website about growing hot peppers, making hot sauces, and reviewing some of the hottest chilies from around the world :).

So, to bring things full circle, today I’ll share my review of Tabasco Scorpion hot sauce. This is the hottest sauce that Tabasco currently offers, using scorpion peppers as a main ingredient. Let’s get into it!

Tabasco scorpion hot sauce bottle

Tabasco Scorpion Scoville (Heat Level)

One of the first questions you may have about Tabasco scorpion hot sauce is, “how hot is it?” This being the spiciest sauce they make, how far above the original sauce does it land?

In short, Tabasco scorpion sauce has a heat level between 23,000-33,000 SHUs on the Scoville scale. This makes the sauce about 8-10x hotter than Tabasco’s Original sauce.

Tabasco scorpion hot sauce on spoon

However. I think this sauce tastes even hotter than the claimed Scoville rating. The first ingredient is scorpion peppers, which once held the world record for the hottest pepper on Earth.

The result is a blazing hot sauce that is potent, even in small quantities. If you aren’t familiar with extra spicy sauces, then Tabasco scorpion may give you a run for your money!

Tabasco Scorpion Flavor Review

Thankfully, Tabasco scorpion has impressive flavor to back up the burn. The main ingredients of this hot sauce are fruity and tropical. This gives the sauce undertones of playfulness and, well, great flavor.

Ingredients list:

  • Scorpion peppers
  • Distilled vinegar
  • Sugar
  • Guava puree
  • Pineapple
  • Salt
  • Guava powder
  • Pineapple powder
  • Tabasco brand pepper sauce
Tabasco scorpion hot sauce ingredients

From the taste of this sauce, I imagine that the fresh ingredients are all fermented. This isn’t surprising, as Tabasco Original uses a fermented tabasco pepper mash as its base.

What’s most surprising is the use of guava and pineapple as the main accenting flavors. This gives Tabasco scorpion an interesting twist. But guess what? It works.

This is because scorpion peppers are quite fruity on their own. It can be hard to tell when you eat one fresh, because the blinding heat takes over in a matter of seconds. However, these “superhot” chilies are from the same tropical climate as guava and pineapple.

To round out the sauce, Tabasco actually uses their own original sauce as an ingredient. I find this amusing, but it probably helps make Tabasco’s newer sauces hit closer to home.

Tabasco Scorpion Uses

So, where can this extra-spicy sauce be used? It comes in a tiny bottle, so keep in mind that a little goes a long way with this one!

  • Tacos
  • Pizza
  • Soup or stew
  • Sandwiches
  • On cheese & crackers
  • In wing sauce (just a few dashes added to another sweet sauce!)

The uses are endless, but be sure to start small. The heat from Tabasco scorpion builds quickly and lingers for a long time after. So, if you’re new to this hot sauce, start with a small dab to test your tolerance, first.

Where To Get Tabasco Scorpion Sauce

If you want to try this unique hot sauce, you can likely find it in the grocery store next to Tabasco original. You can also get it online here for a bit of a markup.

Tabasco also makes a habanero sauce that I think tastes even better than the scorpion sauce. It also has a lower Scoville level, making it more usable on a daily basis.

Tabasco scorpion is worth a try, especially if you find Tabasco original to be too tame for your heat preference. I’m almost surprised that a household brand like Tabasco would make a sauce that is this spicy, but I’m glad they did!

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  1. Great article. I have between twenty and thirty hot sauces from around the world in my fridge. I won’t be throwing them out but there’s a good chance they won’t get used up. Since discovering Tabasco’s Scorpion Sauce, everything else seems to pale in comparison. Personally, I think Tabasco has created the best hot sauce in the world with this one! These are big words considering I have been eating spicy foods and hot sauces since I too was a boy. Don’t get me wrong, I feel this one, but it’s brilliant!

  2. I always have Scorpion Tabasco availability at home. It is hot and takes getting used to. To me it tastes great and am hooked on it for life.

  3. I just bought a bottle myself after being torn between this and some Tabasco Habenero. I’m not exactly a nut for Tabasco in general, I much prefer Cholula or Valentina for my daily hot sauce or when I’m at a diner, but their habenero sauce remains one of my favorites because it’s just good and not just a vehicle for extreme spice. My preferred way to rate a new sauce is by putting a generous amount on a sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich. This sauce kicks hard and like you mention it’s got a decent flavor that plays well with the scorpion. I enjoy sweet-savory foods a lot so I tend to prefer the fruitier side of chiles and I’m glad that certainly doesn’t prevent me from enjoying crazy levels of spice.

  4. I just got some Tabasco Scorpion from Amazon. I’ve put regular Tabasco on scrambled eggs, Mac n cheese, and everything since 1980. Tried Dave’s Insanity Sauce back in the 90s and it was not for me, it was ruff on my gut. This is day three and it is addictive. However, it has really sped up digestion, if you know what I mean. Day one was a drop on each Ritz Crackers and Sharp Cheddar snack. It was a wow flavor and almost up to the too much line, almost. Day two was crunchy Cheetos and one drop each. That was pretty good, flavorful, and the heat was good. Day three I made a big ole homemade cheeseburger on rye, slice of onion, pickles, mayo, and dashed that Scorpion Sauce all over it like I do regular Tabasco. That cheeseburger was delicious and had the heat but it enhanced the flavors like crazy. I’ve ate Tex Mex all my life and Fresh Jalapenos do that if you eat them with a big platter of enchiladas and are used to them. I’m gonna put Scorpion Sauce on my scrambled eggs tomorrow morning to see if I’m ready for that yet. So, I like the flavor and flavor enhancement of Tabasco Scorpion. No weird stomach problems yet, good stuff. Keep your fingers away from your eyes.

  5. you guys are so inspiring you always make me want to have hot sauce and grow my own chiles but I’m a lot more cations because when i was 7 years old I thought could handle a a chile but then I almost cried and I was running around in pain and I chuged like 10 cups of water

  6. I only recently came across this Tabasco Scorpion sauce, and had to order it through Amazon since no one local carried it. This, and a ghost pepper sauce, are my current limit and favorites. I’m probably not in the best growing region, in northern NV. We get 3 months of heat, 3 months of cold, and the rest is variable.

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