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Recommended Pepper Growing Supplies

We’ve put together a list of all our recommended supplies for growing peppers. For each category, we’ll provide a few options depending on your garden type, material, or personal preference. Any of the options we suggest will get the job done, but we want to give a few choices.

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Be sure to get anything else you may need from the suggestions below.

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Fox Farm’s Trio

Best all around non-organic option. Simple instructions on when to use which fertilizer for best yields.

Miracle Gro Organics

Good water-soluble organic fertilizer for vegetative growth. Switch to lower nitrogen for fruiting stage.

Organic Fish Fertilizer

Fish and seaweed make for an awesome additive fertilizer. Add to any other regimen, or use as a fruiting stage fertilizer.

Keep in mind…

The best food for your peppers always comes from natural, organic ingredients. Plants will produce tastier, healthier pods as well. Amend your soil with fresh compost and naturally derived ingredients like seabird guano and langbeinite, and your peppers will be happiest. If you do not have the space for composting or the budget for high quality natural ingredients, you can use some of these fertilizer options.

Learn much more about fertilizing peppers in our dedicated article here.


Seed Trays

Bootstrap Farmer makes the highest quality growing equipment that we have tried. Buy it for life and reuse your seed cells and trays.


We have advocated for these Bloem Saturn pots from day 1. They have served us well, and are easy to clean. They also come in a great variety of colors.

Learn more about choosing a container for growing peppers here. The most important things are size (ideally 3+ gallons) and good drainage.


Seed Starter Mix

Seed starter mix contains no nutrients. It is made up of highly aerated materials, perfect for germination and starting off pepper plant root systems strong.

Potting Soil (Best)

Happy Frog is an excellent potting soil for growing peppers. Our potted plants love this stuff, and it is ready to use out of the box. It also comes in a smaller size online if you need less.

Organic Compost

Make your soil happier with this organic humus compost derived from fish manure. This natural amendment adds beneficial bacteria to your soil.

Grow Lights

Viparspectra Pro

Save with code “PepperGeek”

A great budget LED series with several size and power options. Very useful features include dimmer knob, heat sink and water resistance.

Mars Hydro TS

Alternative light – we have seen many positive reviews of Mars Hydro LED panel products. Surrounding reflective dome helps direct light.

HLG 100

A simple, high-quality LED quantum board. Great for starting lots of seedlings, or growing 1-2 full-sized plants indoors.

Read more about choosing the best grow light in our article here. We detail everything you should know about LED lights and the different features of each of our recommended grow lights for peppers.

Highly Recommended

Seedling Heat Mat

This increases germination success dramatically. Keep the soil around 80°F until seeds sprout.


Essential for monitoring your indoor grow space. Cheap way to keep an eye on temp and humidity!

Pruning Shears

Shears are great for getting clean cuts when pruning your plants. Also great for bonsai!

Looking for more information about growing peppers and the supplies you’ll need? Read our article about growing bell peppers in pots here for an in-depth guide! Also, come see what we’re up to on YouTube.