Meet The Pepper Geeks!

From growing peppers in our closet to blending our own sauces in the kitchen, it all started with a fiery passion. We love spice! We can’t remember the last meal we had that wasn’t spiced up with one of our favorite hot sauces.

Pepper Geek is more than a blog, its a community. We know there are thousands of chiliheads just like us. With a fridge door dedicated to hot sauce and a back room dedicated to pepper plants, we want to share our passion with all the fellow spice addicts. We started off as seedlings and we’ve learned so much. Thanks for sharing this spicy journey with us!

Other things we love: our two cats (Elliott and Mazie), sushi, bourbon, wine, Disney, farmer’s markets, video games, traveling, and playing music.

Calvins favorite hot sauces: Los Calientes, Dawson’s Original, Dirty Dick’s, Cholula

Crystalyns favorite hot sauces: Zombie Apocalypse, Pirates Lantern BBQ, Los Calientes

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