Dawson’s Original Hot Sauce Review

Dawsons Original Hot Sauce

About Dawson’s Hot Sauce

Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario Canada, Dawson’s is a relative newcomer to the hot sauce game. With a pretty fancy presentation (waxed and stamped bottle cover) we had high hopes when we ordered it from Heatonist.

Here, we review Dawson’s Hot Sauce – Original Hot in full, with our overall score and experience.

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  • Very sweet, powerful habanero flavor (first ingredient)
  • Silky smooth, thanks to the extra virgin olive oil
  • Spicier than your average hot sauce

Put It On…

Is Dawson’s Original Hot Any Good?

Dawson’s Hot Sauce is a simple sauce with a lot of kick. What we like most about it is the smooth, extra virgin olive oil addition. Many hot sauces are simply too thin or dry to use as a sandwich condiment. This sauce could be used for that purpose (if you were a little on the wild side!).

The overall flavor is very satisfying. You get the intense floral flavor from the Habaneros, paired with the immediate sweetness. A touch of garlic rounds out the sweet and savory profile nicely. Not too salty, nor too vinegary. We really enjoy this hot sauce for it’s flavor, and it’s beautiful color and aroma.

Dawsons Hot Sauce Ingredients

Tip: Definitely shake this sauce before using. The olive oil tends to separate over time.

Dawson’s Hot Sauce Scoville

Dawson’s hot sauce is very spicy. We agree with Dawson’s self-proclaimed rating of 8/10 on the spiciness scale. According to Hot Ones, where Dawson’s was featured in season 5, the Scoville rating for this hot sauce is about 82,000 SHUs.

It is not too bad in small amounts, but in larger pours the heat can get intense. It won’t singe the nostril hairs, but it will certainly tingle the lips for a while after consuming. For an every day sauce, we prefer a bit less heat, but Dawson’s is definitely usable for the typical pepperhead.

Where To buy Dawson’s Original Hot Sauce

Pricing is currently between $11-14 per bottle depending on where you are buying. Dawson’s is a Canadian based operation, so Canada shipping is free for orders over $50 from their website.

However, if you are US based, it may be cheaper to buy it from Heatonist.


This sauce is on the thicker side, with large flecks of habanero peppers and seeds suspended in the sauce. However, it flows nicely out of the normal-sized 5oz bottle.

Thanks to the olive oil, you can carefully meter how much sauce you want with each pour. No risk of overpouring, as long as you’re careful.

Is Dawson’s Hot Sauce Worth It?

Yes! Dawson’s Original Hot is a fancy, classic hot sauce that should last a long time in most people’s refrigerator. If you like it hot, this sauce will definitely satisfy your spicy cravings.

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