Dawson’s Original Hot Sauce Review

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Dawsons Original Hot Sauce bottle

One of Calvin’s favorites

Hailing from Ontario Canada, Dawson’s is a relative newcomer to the hot sauce game. With a fancy presentation (waxed and stamped bottle cover), we had high hopes when we first ordered it.

In this article, I’ll share our full review of Dawson’s Original Hot Sauce. I’ll cover the flavor, heat, and overall usability of this sauce, along with where you can pick up your own bottle.


  • Sweet, powerful habanero flavor (first ingredient)
  • Silky smooth, thanks to the extra virgin olive oil
  • Undertone of garlic

Put It On…

Dawson’s Original Hot Sauce Review

Dawson’s Hot Sauce is a simple sauce with a surprising amount of flavor. With just 5 main ingredients (plus sea salt), this sauce may seem overly simple at first glance.

However, once you taste it, you realize there is incredible depth of flavor. My guess is that the habaneros in this sauce are fermented prior to cooking and blending, though I can’t be sure. Either way, the flavor Dawson’s achieves from such a small list of ingredients is mind blowing.

First, you get the intense floral flavor from the habaneros, paired with a not-so-subtle sweetness. A touch of garlic rounds out the sweet and savory profile perfectly, without becoming too overpowering.

Tip: Definitely shake this sauce before using as it separates over time.

To round it out, Original Hot is not too salty, and gives no uncomfortable bite from the vinegar. It is difficult to describe just how smooth this sauce feels on the palate. There is a good reason this sauce has been one of our favorites for over 5 years now.

Update: We ordered another bottle of Dawson’s and the color is much different – sort of an orange/creamy color. This is likely due to a different batch of habaneros with a paler color. Some habaneros are deep red, some are light orange. Thankfully, the flavor is still amazing.

Dawsons Hot Sauce Ingredients


This sauce is on the thicker side, with large flecks of habanero peppers and seeds suspended in the sauce. However, it flows nicely out of the normal-sized 5 oz. bottle. I love that this hot sauce has some body to it. The result is a very fancy tasting experience, and I assume this was the intent.

Plus, thanks to the olive oil, you can carefully meter how much sauce you want with each pour. There is little risk of over-pouring, as long as you’re careful.

Dawson’s Hot Sauce Scoville Rating (How Spicy?)

Dawson’s hot sauce is very spicy. We agree with Dawson’s self-proclaimed rating of 8/10 on the spiciness scale. According to Hot Ones where it was featured in season 5, Dawson’s Original Hot sauce Scoville rating comes in at 82,000 SHUs. That is some respectable heat!

While this Scoville rating is much higher than the common grocery store brands like Cholula and Frank’s, it is not overwhelmingly spicy. It is not too bad in small amounts, but in larger pours the heat can get intense.

It won’t singe the nostril hairs, but it will certainly tingle the lips for a while after each bite. If you have experience with spicy food, you’ll likely have no problem with this sauce. If you want maximum heat, try some reaper hot sauces.

Is Dawson’s Hot Sauce Worth It?

Yes! Dawson’s Original Hot is a fancy, classic hot sauce that should last a long time in most people’s refrigerator. The simple, natural ingredients are a relief in today’s world of highly processed products. If you like it hot, this sauce will definitely satisfy your spicy cravings.

Kudos to Dawson’s for making one of our favorite sauces, year after year. Definitely give it a shot!

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