Eye Of The Scorpion Hot Sauce Review

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Three fiery sauces were born for the start of Hot Ones the game show. Eye of the Scorpion hot sauce is considered the 2nd spiciest of the trio. However, I think that it is the tastiest of them all.

The Constrictor is at the top for heat level, containing basically just Carolina Reaper peppers and a few drops of vinegar. It really is brutally hot.

Brain Burner was surprisingly spicy for a ‘starter’ sauce on the game show. It was also pretty tasty with scotch bonnets and reapers.

Eye Of The Scorpion Hot Sauce

Label Artwork
A quick note on the artwork – I love this design by tattoo artist Matthew Henning (@henbohenning). This particular design of a one-eyed scorpion reminds me of a Zelda boss whose eye needs a good stabbing.

Eye of the Scorpion is packed with, you guessed it, scorpion peppers. Though there are many varieties of scorpion peppers, this sauce makes use of the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper. This was the former world record holder for the hottest chili pepper.

This hot sauce is an aggressive attack on the palate, one of intense heat. However, in the instant you have to assess flavor (before the heat kicks in), you may be pleasantly surprised.

Heat: 5/5 Definitely a scorcher, a multi-hour commitment.
Flavor: 3.5/5 Powerful citrus and fruity flavors, tasty!
Value: 2/5 Expensive, but a reliable source of serious heat.
Overall rating: 3/5Sinister sauce made for chiliheads.

Eye Of The Scorpion Review and Flavor

The smell alone would scare many away from Eye of the Scorpion. It singes the nostrils with a foreign, stinging sensation. To those of use familiar with superhots, it smells deadly.

Here at Pepper Geek, we have a theory that scorpion peppers are the most brutal peppers in the world. This is purely based on our personal experience, but scorpion-based hot sauces always give is the most trouble…


  • Superhot pepper flavor
  • Fruity and citrusy
  • Vinegar sting

How to Use It…

  • Mix with Asian noodles
  • Add a dash to soups and stews to boost heat

Eye Of The Scorpion Ingredients
Eye of the Scorpion Ingredients List.

Don’t let the simple ingredient list fool you. This sauce actually has a surprising amount of flavor. The acidity of the vinegar paired with the delicious citrusy scorpion pepper flavor make for a tasty combination. Add a touch of garlic for good measure.

This sauce almost reminds me of a yuzu-style hot sauce, like Mellow Habanero or similar. It has much more heat, but the flavor can definitely compliment a variety of cuisines.

If I could handle my heat a bit better, this sauce might actually be gone by now. But alas, I cannot.

Eye Of The Scorpion Scoville Rating

We know that the sauce consists of essentially just Moruga Scorpion peppers. We have taste-tested raw scorpion peppers, and they are among the hottest out there.

In short, Eye of the Scorpion hot sauce comes in at 676,000 SHUs on the Scoville Scale according to Hot Ones. This makes it one of the hottest natural sauces available. Scorpion peppers once held the title for the hottest peppers in the world, and this sauce makes us understand why.

Eye Of The Scorpion Bottle

As far as natural sauces go, Eye of the Scorpion is certainly among the hottest we have tasted to date. Scorpion peppers also have some of the best flavor among superhots, making this sauce a fruity, tasty surprise.

Eye Of The Scorpion Consistency

Eye of the Scorpion hot sauce is just thick enough to not come dumping out of the bottle. It holds its shape on a spoon, but is just thin enough to pour safely.

Eye Of The Scorpion Pour

The color of this hot sauce is a sinister, deep crimson red. It is full of seeds and pepper chunks, and on the fringes you can see the scorpion powder flecks suspended in the liquid.

If you’re looking for a thinner, more watery sauce that is still packed with heat and flavor, try Tabasco scorpion. This Tabasco Brand sauce is surprisingly fiery for the household brand!

Overall, this sauce was impressive in more than just spice. The flavor is genuinely good and the heat is a challenge.

Update: This hot sauce is no longer available for sale.

Have you tried Eye Of The Scorpion hot sauce? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Eye Of The Scorpion Hot Sauce 2

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  1. This is the sauce i give friends when they ask to try one of my hotest sauces. I typically always make a batch of wings with two of these hidden in there along with my normal more mild sauce that also happens to be the same color, and its a game we play to see who lands on the hot ones.

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