Primotalii Peppers – Hotter Than The Carolina Reaper?

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There have been whispers and murmurs about a new ‘hottest pepper’ variety. Though nothing is official or confirmed, there may already be a pepper hotter than the famed Carolina Reaper.

No, we’re not talking about Smokin’ Ed’s own ‘Apollo pepper’ which is still shrouded in mystery. We’re talking about the primotalii pepper, a cross between the 7 pot primo and the fatalii.

In this article, I’ll discuss everything we know about the primotalii. This includes the appearance, flavor, approximate scoville rating, and how to get seeds and grow them yourself.

Primotalii pepper ripe
Primotalii pepper with long stinger.

About the Primotalii

Believe it or not, the original cross happened back in 2012 by Chris Saunders. The two types he crossed were the 7 pot primo (one of the hottest in the world) and the fatalii.

The long stingers apparently appeared in the F2 stage of breeding, and phenotypes were chosen to stabilize that characteristic. Today, the variety is considered stable, and most of the peppers will have a long tail.


Primotalii peppers are quite thin, but can be long thanks to the extended stingers. This is the most impressive feature of this variety, with some stingers measuring 1″ or longer. They also tend to curl, creating a unique appearance.

Primotalii pepper ripe on plant
Primotalii pepper on plant.

Most of the peppers we grew were about 2-3″ long, but just 0.5-0.75″ wide. The walls of the primotalii are very thin, so each pepper is lightweight.

Jim Morrow was one of the first to offer seeds, and still has isolated plants. He has also worked to stabilize the ‘chocolate’ and ‘golden’ variants of the primotalii.

Flavor & heat

The primotalii has a flavor similar to other red superhots. They are floral (or perfumey) and slightly fruity. In terms of heat, we know one thing: it is a scorching hot variety.

Primotalii Pepper Scoville (Heat)

Johnny Scoville is known for eating the hottest peppers on Earth without batting an eye. He claimed that the Primotalii is the hottest pepper he has ever eaten.

That’s a pretty big deal.

In terms of heat, the Primotalii likely has a Scoville rating above 2,200,000 SHUs. There is not yet an official rating, but there is no doubt it is among the hottest peppers out there.

Primotalii pepper ripe
Ripe primotalii pepper with long stinger.

If you like to eat the superhot varieties or make the hottest sauces, this pepper will do the trick. Unfortunately, it is not a very productive plant, so other varieties may serve you better if you’re going for bulk.

Primotalii vs Carolina Reaper

As we all know, the Carolina reaper holds the Guinness World Record for the hottest pepper in the world. However, that doesn’t mean that something hotter isn’t out there already!

The 7 pot primo is a very similar pepper to the Carolina reaper, both in appearance and heat. The primotalii shares genetics from the 7 Pot Primo, and seems to have turned into something even more ferociously spicy.

Carolina ReaperPrimotalii
ScovilleUp to 2,200,000 SHUsUnknown (likely 2.2M+)
SpeciesC. chinenseC. chinense

When we learn more about the primotalii, we will be sure to update. For now, the differences between the reaper and primotalii are mostly subjective.

Seeds and Growing

Nothing is more satisfying than growing your own superhot peppers from seed. Right now, finding fresh primotalii peppers is not easy.

Primotalii seeds:

Growing primotalii peppers

The primotalii pepper is super spicy, but our plants were a bit of a disappointment. Our first attempt at growing yielded just a handful of peppers. The plant also suffered from fungal issues.

Unripe primotalii pepper on plant
Unripe primotalii peppers on plant.

Admittedly, the plant was somewhat neglected, but nearby plants produced much better than the primotalii. The 7 pot primo orange, Carolina reaper, and 7 pot primo all grew more peppers in the same growing conditions.

If you are looking for the best yield, I wouldn’t recommend the Primotalii. Look to the other superhot varieties with better productivity. But if it is hotter peppers you’re after, this is a good variety to try!

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To sum up, the primotalii is one of the hottest peppers we have tasted. While nothing is official, it may just be the world’s hottest!

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  1. I grow hot peppers myself at home in Kelowna, a southern city in BC, Canada. Everywhere I have read about these peppers say that they are hard to grow and don’t produce many pods. I have found the exact opposite. I picked up some seeds earlier this year and had 2 of 3 seeds germinate. Today (Aug 11, 2022) my plants are now roughly 2-1/2 feet tall and have well over 100 pods on each plant. (started indoors in late January)

    Planted in 7 gallon pots, they each get about 1-2 gallons of water each day as well as blooming fertilizer once per week and a spray of 10-1 diluted blooming fertilizer mixed with a teaspoon of Epsom salt per liter of water ever 2-3 weeks. I have the plants located where they get sun from sunrise to sunset and they have exploded with growth.

    I picked the first couple ripened pods this morning and they are by far the hottest I’ve ever tried. (I also grow Trinidad Moruga Scorpions and Reapers)

    Donavin Bensmiller
    [email protected]

  2. HI! Calvin, I grow a variety of the hottest peppers for one reason and that is to make a pickle. We used to make this pickle to a very old family recipe originating from India. As you are a avid fan of growing, harvesting and eating and then making sauces, i would like to send you a sample of my pickle for your comments what ever they may be. Derek J 06/08/22

  3. Everything, reaper reaper reaper.
    The planets had to align for that 2.2 million, theres already public tests with levels way beyond the supposed reapers average, but Even if they were to show anyone those tests Made with actual scientific mediation no one would like them, they would rather trust a company that has everything to win and nothing to lose by simply claiming any supposed number and then not showing any proof, the supossed pepper x is never getting released, they are only gonna sell overpriced products, theres interviews where he says exactly that.
    Theres Even reapers that have tested lower than serranos! Should we count those for the average?

    1. @Dizzy, This didn’t age well did it? Pepper X 2,693,000 Scoville by a third party lab

    2. @Robert, exactly LOL. How can you claim an approximate scoville unit, oh I forgot they have the Johnny Scoville unit and that trumps science.

    3. @Christopher, exactly if we were going to go by one persons interpretation they might as well be the new standard.

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