Pimiento Peppers – Sweet, Red Pimentos

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Pimiento peppers, or pimento peppers, are a common pepper variety with a very low heat level. They ripen from green to red and have thick, juicy flesh. The cherry or pumpkin-shaped pods are commonly pickled, stuffed with cheese, or used to stuff olives.

Pimiento Peppers

About Pimiento Peppers

NamePimiento, pimento
SpeciesCapsicum annuum
Heat level (Scoville)0-500 SHUs
FlavorSweet and fruity, red bell pepper flavor
UsesStuffing with cheese, homemade paprika
LightFull sun or afternoon shade
WateringEvenly moist, good drainage
SeedsSandia Seed, San Diego Seed

The pimiento pepper hails from the capsicum annuum species. This species is home to many of the most popular peppers including bell, jalapeño, serrano, banana, cayenne, and many others.

“Pimiento” is actually a large category of peppers. For example, the lipstick variety has a bright red color and 3-4″ long pods. The red ruffled pimiento pepper is much more squat, with a pumpkin-like shape and wrinkled creases around the edges.

Most pimiento pepper varieties come from Europe, since they have been grown there for culinary use for centuries. The pimiento pepper is often confused with the cherry pepper, a different cultivar that can be much more spicy.

Pimento Pepper Flavor

The flavor of a pimiento pepper is very sweet and rich, similar to a red bell pepper when full ripe. When stuffed in olives, they add a nice sweetness to offset the olive’s saltiness.

Pimento peppers can also be eaten fried, chopped fresh in salads, or pickled for a great sandwich topper. Pimientos are also great for dehydrating and making delicious homemade paprika.

Perhaps the most popular way you’ll see pimientos at grocery stores is pickled or stuffed. Try some canned pimentos on Amazon here.

Pimento Pepper Scoville and Heat Rating

While pimientos are usually considered sweet peppers, they can sometimes have a slight hint of heat. They are never very spicy and are most often used to add sweetness, not heat. Pimiento peppers generally have a Scoville rating between 0-500 SHUs.

Fun fact: The pimiento de padrón pepper plant produces peppers with varying heat levels. Some peppers are not hot at all, while others are surprisingly spicy!

Pimiento Pepper Seeds

There are many varieties that fall into the ‘Pimiento’ category of peppers. Try browsing our favorite online seed sellers to search for the various pimento pepper varieties that you can grow at home.

Pimento peppers

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