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Dustin Poirier’s Hot Sauce – Fighting the Big Louisiana Style Sauces

Pro MMA fighter Dustin Poirier was born in Louisiana, so it isn’t all that surprising that he has tackled the booming hot sauce business. In partnership with the Canada-based Heartbeat Hot Sauce Company, Poirier’s new sauce is a fresh take on the classic Louisiana-style recipe.

In this article, we will share our thoughts on Poirier’s Louisiana Style hot sauce. We’ll cover the flavor profile, texture, how it can be used and heat level. Let’s get started!

Dustin Poirier Hot Sauce

Heat: 1/5 Easy to handle for almost anyone.
Flavor: 4.5/5 Buffalo wing vibes, vinegar zing, touch of celery, YUM!
Value: 3/5 A bit pricy, especially with how easy it is to go through.
Overall rating: 4/5An awesome, fresh version of a classic recipe.

Poirier’s Hot Sauce Review and Flavor

With a single sniff, I knew I was going to love this sauce. Classic aged cayenne with a bit of celery. I felt like I was at the local bar enjoying a fresh plate of crispy buffalo wings.

I always love a short ingredient list, and this sauce has just that. With just 7 natural ingredients, this sauce pops with vibrant and tingly flavor. The heat is mild, but just enough to tickle the palate in all the right ways.


  • Buffalo sauce
  • Celery and garlic
  • Rich smoothness

How to Use It…

  • Slather it on wings
  • Breakfast sandwiches or omelets
  • Mexican food

Poiriers Hot Sauce Ingredients

Simple ingredients make a Pepper Geek happy. The contents of this sauce remind us of Frank’s or Cholula, focused on aged hot peppers and vinegar.

However, this sauce stands apart from the Louisiana classics with red habanero, celery and oil. The celery brings in the familiar flavors associated with buffalo wings and the oil adds a buttery smooth finish that is absolutely addictive.

If you’ve ever made homemade buffalo sauce, you know that a key ingredient is melted butter. I think the small touch of canola oil adds a similar rich finish to Poirier’s sauce, something Frank’s alone can’t offer.

Poirier’s Hot Sauce Scoville Rating

With cayennes and added red habaneros, this sauce seems to have a bit more of a kick than the classic Frank’s RedHot. However, it isn’t much more heat to handle.

Simply put, Poirier’s Louisiana Style Hot Sauce comes in at around 2,000 SHUs on the Scoville Scale. This puts this sauce on par with Frank’s or Tabasco brand sauces. Although official ratings have not been shared, this estimate is based on other hot sauces with similar ingredients.

Poiriers Hot Sauce Nutrition

The heat level is nothing to worry about with this sauce. It is just enough to leave a warm and tingly feeling on your palate, but not enough to make you reach for the cold milk.

If you’re looking for a scorching sauce, check out the hottest sauces we have tested here.

Poirier’s Hot Sauce Consistency

This sauce is fairly thin, making it easy to squeeze on anything. I prefer sauces that have a bit more substance to them. However, the one exception? Louisiana style sauces.

Poiriers Hot Sauce Pour texture

After decades of using Frank’s, Tabasco, Cholula and so many others, I have grown an affection of these thinned-out sauces. The intense, concentrated flavor splashes onto your food, amping up the overall eating experience.

The Squeezy Bottle

A great Louisiana style sauce should be usable on just about anything. This sauce comes prepared for quick-use in Heartbeat’s signature squeeze bottle.

This may deter some hot sauce enthusiasts, but make no mistake, this sauce is high-quality. You can easily see flecks of fresh ingredients suspended in the vibrantly colored sauce.

Poiriers Hot Sauce

If this sauce came in an open-mouthed bottle, it would be far too easy to dump out. Instead, the viscosity is just enough to remain in the bottle until you squeeze it, making it easy to dial in your pour.

Dustin Poirier has made a name for himself in the MMA community, and now with hot sauce lovers. His sauce with Heartbeat is an instant favorite here at Pepper Geek, and we highly recommend giving it a shot!

Tried Poirier’s Louisiana Style Hot Sauce? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below!

Poiriers Hot Sauce Bottles

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Matt Newsome

Tuesday 20th of April 2021

Just received my bottle. Instantly this is a hot sauce I will have in my kitchen for as long as they make it. The article explains the flavor perfectly. I tried it on pizza and it was so good.