Brain Burner Hot Sauce Review

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Hot Ones the game show has begun and with it has come three all new hot sauces. For once, Sean Evans doesn’t have to bear the pain of spicy wings. Only the sorry contestants on the show have to suffer.

The three new sauces include Brain Burner, Eye Of The Scorpion, and The Constrictor. These names are sinister, so we had to find out what the contestants were experiencing.

Are they all show, with tons of heat and no spice? Or is Brain Burner hot sauce actually tasty along with fiery? Find out here in our full review of Hot Ones’ Brain Burner hot sauce.

Note: This hot sauce is no longer available, but check our list of the best Carolina Reaper hot sauces for some comparable options.

Brain Burner Hot Sauce Review

We’re not new to super spicy hot sauces. We have made it our mission to try as many hot sauces as possible throughout our Pepper Geek journey. Brain Burner is among the hottest all-natural sauces we have tasted. The first ingredients are peppers. Which peppers?

Carolina Reapers and Scotch Bonnets.

Brain Burner Hot Sauce Ingredients

Coming in at a whopping 2,200,000 on the Scoville scale, Carolina Reapers are among the hottest peppers on Earth. Being the first ingredient in Brain Burner, you know you’re not messing with weak grocery store hot sauce.

This sauce was made with one purpose: to make contestants on Hot Ones The Game Show sweat. The rest of the ingredient list is short, just vinegar, lime juice and salt. If you can handle the heat, the flavor will pair well with lots of food. The question is whether you can take more than a few drops.


  • Savory, floral
  • Touch of lime
  • Distinct superhot pepper flavor

How To Use It

  • Add a couple of drops to spice up chili or stew
  • Mix into taco meat to kick up the heat level
  • Host your own Hot Ones Game Show and watch your friends suffer

Tip: Pour slowly! Brain Burner’s consistency is fairly thin and runny.

While this hot sauce certainly shows the impressive power of the hottest peppers, the flavors are not very appealing on their own. Brain Burner makes for a great way to spice up a dish without affecting its flavor too much.

We prefer the more complex and intriguing flavored hot sauces, but Brain Burner sure packs a punch in heat.

Brain Burner Hot Sauce Scoville Rating

The super-spicy heat level of Brain Burner is what this sauce was made for. It is the least spicy among the 3 Hot Ones game show sauces, but it isn’t a slouch. However, sometimes the Scoville Scale rating of a sauce doesn’t tell the whole story. Brain Burner hot sauce tastes extremely hot, though the Scoville rating isn’t all that high..

According to a Hot Ones video, Brain Burner hot sauce comes in at 112,000 SHUs on the Scoville Scale. Eye Of The Scorpion has been rated at over 600,000 SHUs. After tasting both sauces, we agree that Brain Burner is less spicy, but not by that much.

This just goes to show that the Scoville scale can be subjective. The same happened with Da Bomb hot sauce, with a Scoville around 135K, but a perceived spiciness through the roof.

The Scoville scale is meant to be a scientific way to rank spiciness, though we have found that some sauces with lower Scoville ratings can actually seem hotter. This sauce seems very hot, certainly among our hottest reviewed sauces.

Brain Burner Hot sauce Consistency

Brain Burner Hot Sauce Consistency

This hot sauce is on the thinner side, pouring readily from the bottle. This means there is likely a high vinegar/lime juice content. You should be careful not to over-pour Brain Burner onto your food.

There are a healthy amount of seeds and pepper flecks suspended in the sauce, a nice reminder of its all-natural ingredients.

We like sauces with a bit more viscosity and smoothness, while Brain Burner feels slightly watery. When dealing with really hot sauces, more thickness can help meter out the exact amount desired.

Brain burner hot sauce in bottle

How Much Is Brain Burner Hot Sauce?

Brain Burner is the most affordable of the 3 Hot Ones game show sauces, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap. Coming in at $16 plus shipping, Brain Burner hot sauce might burn a small hole in your pocket.

Justifying a $20+ purchase for hot sauce may seem crazy to some, but true chiliheads and Pepper Geeks will understand. Superhot peppers (like Carolina Reapers) are becoming harder to source with the increase in demand. With that in mind, the higher prices make sense.

Three hot sauces from the hot ones game show

Is Brain Burner Worth It?

Of the 3 game show sauces, this is not our favorite. They are all brutally spicy, but Brain Burner doesn’t have much to offer in the way of flavor.

If you’re after an intensely spicy, natural sauce to spice up your cooking, this could be the sauce for you. Otherwise, we prefer The Last Dab or even Widow Maker for highly spicy sauces with great flavor.

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    1. Yes, it’s always recommended to refrigerate after opening any sauce. Some high-vinegar sauces don’t require it, but we keep everything in the fridge.


  1. Mix them together and apply liberally on falafels or burritos for an amazing flavor and burn.

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