Hot Ones Last Dab XXX Hot Sauce Review

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Hot Ones former #10 spot sauce continued the tradition of using Pepper X Peppers to scorch celebrities. The name, Triple X, comes from the use of three varieties of Pepper X Peppers in the hot sauce.

Surely one of the hottest sauces we have reviewed, this sauce has been highly anticipated in the Pepper Geek household. Now, for a full review.

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The Last Dab XXX Hot Sauce

About Last Dab Triple X Hot Sauce

In this article, we’ll give you our thoughts on the hot sauce. We’ll cover flavor, heat level, texture and more. We will even compare this version to previous iterations of the Hot Ones ‘Last Dab’ lineup of sauces, and give it a Pepper Geek score.

Video Taste Test:

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Heat: 5/5Among the hottest we’ve tasted.
Flavor: 4/5 Strong, unique flavor that would pair well with Indian food.
Value: 4/5 These sauces tend to increase in value on the secondary market.
Overall rating: 4.5/5A fresh new variant of an already delicious sauce.

Is Last Dab Triple X Any Good?

Given the hype of this sauce, it had better bring the flavor too! We’re happy to report that this sauce is delicious and powerful. It isn’t just a showpiece aimed at shocking tasters. It has a great, rich flavor that allows a small dab to add a lot to home-cooked meals.


  • Among the hottest sauces we’ve reviewed
  • Familiar super-hot pepper flavor
  • Cumin and ginger are standout flavor notes
  • Overwhelmingly spicy in large amounts – use with caution!

Pair With…

  • Add small amounts to curry
  • Add to stir fry
  • Try it with salmon or lamb
  • Toss pumpkin seeds before baking
  • Spice up a fall harvest stew

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The aroma is very unique and tells a lot of the story right away. One whiff and you know what to expect. If you’ve ever smelled a super-hot pepper up close, you’ll have flashbacks. You’ll also pick up on the strong mustard and cumin flavor, key to this sauce’s usability.

The Last Dab XXX Ingredients

If you eat the sauce right off of a spoon, you’ll probably enjoy the flavor for a few seconds, only to be in panic mode a few seconds later.

It’s hot. The heat hits hard in the front of the mouth on contact, trailing to the upper throat with a strong, consistent burn. This lasts about 10-15 minutes, depending on how much you’ve eaten.

For those of us seeking a super hot sauce for special occasions, this is a great option. It would also make a great gift for that friend you know who loves spicy food.

The Last Dab Scoville & Spiciness

The Last Dab has been touted as the hottest sauce that First We Feast has ever produced. Full of three all-new Pepper X varieties, from the original to Chocolate Pepper X and Peach Pepper X peppers. This means serious heat.

To put it simply, the Last Dab XXX has a Scoville rating of over 2,000,000 SHUs. This puts it on the same level as some of the spiciest peppers that are currently known.

Scoville ratings can be a bit subjective, given that Da Bomb is rated at 135,000 SHUs and tastes similarly hot. However, this is still a very, very hot sauce!

Smokin’ Ed Currie is who we have to thank for the intense, fiery heat of The Last Dab. His ‘Pepper X’ pepper hybrid produces incredibly high capsaicin levels. It is expected that this new pepper variety will become the new world’s hottest pepper within the next year or so.

The sauce is not quite blended to a smooth consistency, so you know exactly what you’re eating. You can feel the small bits of real peppers in every bite.

Tip: Start with just a dab! The sauce has its name for a reason…

Where To Buy The Last Dab Triple X

Heatonist and First We Feast have made a few variations of The Last Dab hot sauce. All of them have sold out. At the time of writing this article, this sauce is still available for sale on for $20 plus shipping. If you’re into super-spicy hot sauce (or know someone who is), get a bottle there before they’re on ebay for twice the price.

Last Dab Hot sauce Consistency

The Last Dab XXX is no different than its predecessors. This sauce is super thick and takes some serious dabbing to get any sauce out of the bottle. However, this is probably for the best.

Given the high-heat level, you wouldn’t want to accidentally over-pour and ruin your meal with too much heat. If you keep dabbin’, you’ll be able to get just the right amount to satisfy your spice craving.

The Last Dab XXX Consistency

Is The Last Dab XXX Worth It?

This sauce is another variation on an existing, delicious sauce recipe. The only changes have been in the types of peppers, grown to achieve new levels of heat. The flavor is very similar to that of The Last Dab Reduxx, with a similarly high level of usability.

If you like to turn it up to 11 with your hot sauces, then Last Dab XXX should be in your refrigerator. It costs a whopping $20 plus shipping, but these sauces still have a tendency to sell out. Grab a bottle while you still can and enjoy the burn.

The Last Dab XXX Scoville

PepperGeek Score


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