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Hot Ones Last Dab Hot Sauce

About The Last Dab Reduxx

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Sean Evans, host of Hot Ones, has helped build an empire. The Hot Ones YouTube show is insanely entertaining, watching celebrities answer questions while eating super spicy wings is great fun. So naturally, Hot Ones has made some hot sauces.

But are they any good?

Here, we’ll review one of the most spicy hot sauces that Hot Ones has produced: The Last Dab Reduxx.


9.5/10 (VERY HOT!)


  • Dangerously delicious, distinct cumin flavor with undertones of ginger and a mustardy kick
  • Powerful flavor means a small amount gives you the flavor you want without killing your taste buds

Put It On…

  • Pizza
  • Grilled chicken or pork
  • Wings
  • Rice dishes (Asian fare)

Is The Last Dab Reduxx Any Good?

Yes! It’s one of our absolute favorites (in small doses). That is because it is one of the rare super spicy hot sauces that is actually usable.

The strength of the flavor makes is was makes it so applicable, which can’t usually be said of super spicy hot sauces. If you watch Hot Ones, you’ll see people complain about “Da Bomb” hot sauce in several episodes. That’s because the sauce is simply too hot, with not enough flavor.

Hot Ones Last Dab Reduxx Ingredients

That is not true with The Last Dab. The cumin and ginger compliment the Pepper X Peppers extremely well. It is unlike most other hot sauces, but it quickly became a top pick when choosing which hot sauce to use. Simply smelling the sauce now induces immediate salivation in preparation for the intense heat and flavor.

If you’re a spice junkie like we are, this sauce will go well on a lot of different foods. Our favorite has been pizza crust and any sort of poultry. Using a tiny dab will give you a nice kick with a ton of flavor.

Tip: Go SMALL the first time you try it. You’ll definitely taste the sauce, even on already-flavorful food.

The Last Dab Reduxx Scoville & Spiciness

It’s really, really spicy. However, the spice does not overpower the delicious, strong flavor. The Last Dab Reduxx has a Scoville rating of 2,000,000 SHUs or higher. This is thanks to the Pepper X Peppers that make up the bulk of the sauce, which were measured at over 3 million SHUs.

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Hot Ones knows what they are doing when curating hot sauces. When a hot sauce is extremely spicy, the flavor needs to match the fiery kick. Otherwise, it’s all show and no substance. So, in the Last Dab Reduxx sauce, the flavor is incredibly powerful to match the high heat. What this means is that if you like the flavor (and we really do), you’ll be able to put a tiny dab on your food to get the full flavor profile.

I will say that the sensation of eating this hot sauce does not feel quite like 2 million Scovilles unless you over-do it. The heat sneaks up on you, and without some milk on standby, you might be struggling with the intense spice.

But if you accidentally add a big dab? You better have a palate (and stomach) of steel! Read our best cures for a spicy mouth here.

How Much Does The Last Dab Reduxx Cost?

Currently, The Last Dab Reduxx hot sauce costs $20. That may seem high, but we have had our bottle for over 6 months and it isn’t even halfway gone. Like we said, a little goes a long way for both heat and flavor.

Unfortunately, Heatonist is often sold out of the best Hot Ones sauces (check availability on Heatonist). If The Last Dab Reduxx is sold out, Hot Ones also makes a very similar sauce known as The Last Dab Carolina Reaper Edition (see it on Heatonist). The recipe is almost identical, swapping out Pepper X Peppers with Carolina Reaper peppers (another wickedly spicy pepper).

The Last Dab Reduxx Consistency

This may seem like a weird topic, but it is worth noting. This hot sauce is very thick, almost chunky. It can be difficult to get it out of the bottle for this reason, which can be a bit annoying. However, it’s probably for the best because if it came spilling out quickly, you might end up in trouble ;).

Is The Last Dab Reduxx Worth It?

PepperGeek Score


Yes. We are super happy about having this hot sauce in the fridge. It will last at least a full year with regular use, the flavor is unique, and the heat is addicting!

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