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Da Bomb Evolution – An All-Natural Da’Bomb Hot Sauce

Da Bomb Evolution seeks to take the place of the world’s most notorious hot sauce: Da Bomb Beyond Insanity. It has tortured celebrities on Hot Ones for years, always causing entertaining reactions.

We have tried the original (twice) and it is truly unbearably spicy. The heat permeates the entire palate, even making its way to your stomach.

Da Bomb Evolution Hot Sauce
Da Bomb Evolution Hot Sauce.

The vicious heat is all thanks to pepper extract. This ingredient is essentially distilled capsaicin, the compound responsible for spiciness. Extract sauces are always more violently hot than all-natural sauces.

Until now (maybe…).

Introducing Da Bomb Evolution, the next generation of Da’Bomb hot sauces. Heatonist and Hot Ones teamed up with the original distributors of Da Bomb to make an all-natural version of the sauce.

Watch us try it:

Heat: 4/5 Teetering on the brink of too spicy.
Flavor: 2/5 Flat, savory, pepper-forward.
Value: 2/5 Quite expensive, maybe worth it for those who want natural heat.
Overall rating: 2/5Not our favorite, seems like a sauce made mostly for marketing.

Da Bomb Evolution Review and Flavor

When I first heard that this sauce was coming, I was excited to see what they had done. Beyond Insanity was not a tasty sauce, nor was it enjoyable to eat, so maybe those things would change with the Evolved form of Da’Bomb.

Unfortunately, most of the characteristics remain. While the ingredients may be all-natural, the sauce doesn’t make a drastic improvement in flavor.


  • Savory and peppery
  • No sweetness
  • Gritty texture

How to use it…

  • Add heat to anything savory
  • Not a flavor booster

Da Bomb Evolution ingredients

However, I will say that this sauce is more approachable than Da Bomb Beyond Insanity. The flavors are clearly more natural, and the ingredient list doesn’t contain anything you couldn’t find at the local supermarket.

I only wish the flavors were more punchy and pronounced. What I tasted was a hint of garlic and onion, some peppers and vinegar, and ultimately, heat. As far as spice-level, this sauce is pretty impressive.

Da’Bomb Evolution Consistency

Da Bomb Evolution has a medium thickness. We had some trouble with over-pouring, as the sauce seemed to be stuck, but would then come dumping out without warning.

Da Bomb Evolution consistency
Da Bomb Evolution texture.

The texture is a bit odd. It seems to be slightly gritty, and you can even see the small granules when poured. We’re unsure what ingredient causes this, perhaps the garlic or onion powder.

The color is also different from the original Da Bomb, with a light-brown hue. Beyond Insanity hot sauce has a diabolical, deep red color, likely thanks to the tomato paste.

Da Bomb Evolution Scoville Rating

While official heat ratings have yet to be revealed, we know that this hot sauce contains ‘fiery red super hot scorpion peppers.’ We have grown and reviewed scorpion peppers, and they are some of the meanest peppers out there.

Simply put, Da Bomb Evolution hot sauce likely rates around 500,000 SHUs on the Scoville Scale, though official ratings were not shared. Scorpion peppers are among the hottest in the world.

While it uses superhot peppers, Da Bomb Evolution doesn’t feel quite as spicy as the hottest sauces we have tasted. Scoville ratings also don’t tell the whole story. While the SHU rating may be higher for Evolution, the experience of is not as brutal as Da Bomb Beyond Insanity.

How does it compare to Beyond Insanity?

Da Bomb Beyond Insanity is unquestionably hotter than Da Bomb Evolution. Pepper extract gives a sensation of heat unlike any natural pepper sauce can. The only way to get a similar burn is to eat fresh, superhot peppers like ghost peppers or reapers.

Da Bomb Evolution vs Beyond Insanity

See where some other super hot sauces stack up on the Scoville scale.

Where To Buy Da Bomb Evolution

Da Bomb Evolution is a collaboration with Spicin Foods (the original creators of Da’Bomb), but can be bought on Heatonist. While the price may change, it is not a cheap sauce by any means.

If you enjoy simple, natural, very spicy sauces, it may be worth the higher price. If you are trying to decide between the old and the new, Evolution is certainly more usable than Beyond Insanity. If you’re just looking for pain, Beyond Insanity is still the king.

Have you tried Da Bomb Evolution hot sauce? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Da Bomb Evolution vs Da Bomb Beyond Insanity
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Anthony Ghazale at td baker

Monday 11th of December 2023

it was yummy 😋😋😋😋😋


Friday 20th of August 2021

For me it burns as soon as it touches my mouth but it does have flavor if you put a drop on your pizza or what ever like me it's cool it only hurts for like 5 minutes if that and then it's completely gone. Hot/hurts, has noticeable flavor, short burn time. 🔥