Farmer’s Market Jalapeño Peppers – One Strange Pepper

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If you are new to growing peppers, you may not know about the vast number of varieties. The jalapeño peppers you are used to seeing at the grocery store are not the only jalapeños out there! One of the strangest jalapeno types is the farmer’s market jalapeño pepper.

The Farmer’s Jalapeno, also known as the potato jalapeño, is a Capsicum annuum pepper variety. It is known for its extreme corking that gives the peppers an appearance similar to cantaloupe.

Farmer's Jalapeno

They are quite large for jalapeños, with some peppers measuring over 4″ long! These bizarre peppers will make your garden a bit more unique.

About Farmer’s Jalapeños

Scoville Heat Units: ~3,000 SHUs
Diameter: 1 – 1.5 inches
Length: 3 – 4 inches
Color: Green to red
Species: Capsicum annuum
Buy Seeds: HR Seeds

The Farmer’s Jalapeño is one of many various jalapeño pepper types. For example, New Mexico State University is known for their orange, yellow, and brown jalapeño varieties.

If you like having strange, quirky plants in your garden, the Farmer’s Jalapeno will certainly fit that description. The weird peppers are also quite large, with some pods growing well over 4″ long and 1.5″ wide.

The plants are medium in size, but are highly prolific, producing dozens of peppers in ideal conditions. The fruits tend to be long, so bottom pruning is recommended to keep the pods out of the soil.

What Are The White Marks On Peppers?

Many pepper varieties, including standard jalapeños, will develop “corking” on the pepper’s skin. This is a result of the skin of the peppers scarring and healing, leading to a “stretch mark” look.

Farmer's Jalapenos
Corking on Farmer’s Jalapeno peppers.

This effect does not impact flavor at all, and is even desirable to some growers (us included). The farmer’s market jalapeño is almost completely covered in corking, giving the peppers a bizarre appearance.

As a result, the peppers appear to be off-white when ripe. However, cutting into the peppers reveals bright green or red flesh just below the surface.

Farmer’s Market Jalapeño Scoville Scale (Heat)

Farmer’s Jalapenos are not too spicy, but do have some heat. They rank right around the lower end of a common jalapeño pepper.

To put it simply, the Farmer’s Jalapeño pepper has a Scoville rating of around 3,000 SHUs. This puts the pepper in line with standard jalapeno peppers that can be found at the supermarket.

Farmer’s Jalapeño Pepper Flavor

Don’t let the uncommon looks deceive you! These peppers are just as tasty, if not more so, than a regular jalapeño.

If you love the taste of jalapenos, you’ll love the Farmer’s Market Jalapeño too. The flavor is very familiar, with an earthy, slightly sweet taste that is addictive.

The peppers are also quite large, making them great for making stuffed poppers. The walls are thick and juicy, perfect for salsa or pickled jalapeño chips.

Farmer’s Jalapeño Pepper Seeds

You may need to do some searching for a reliable seed source, as inventory is always changing for rare pepper seeds.

Check these seed suppliers:

Farmer's Jalapeno Pepper

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