11 Unique Gift Ideas For Spicy Food Lovers (2024)

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Everyone has at least one in the family: The one who loves spicy food. It makes shopping for them pretty easy. But, if you want to really impress them, you might need a suggestion from fellow spicy food fiends.

*Ahem* We’ve got you covered.

Check out our list of 11 awesome gifts for spicy food lovers. Any of these spicy gifts will put a smile on that crazy hot pepper-head in your family this holiday.

1. Click and Grow (With Pepper Seeds)

Click and grow with seed kits

If you’re shopping for someone who loves spicy food and gardening, the Click and Grow indoor gardening system may be the perfect gift. Not only is the Click and Grow awesome for growing herbs like basil and parsley, you can even grow pepper plants! The site offers many different seed and plant options. We have tried competitors for growing peppers indoors. Even though they’re all pretty great, we definitely prefer this brand. Don’t forget the chili seeds!

2. Spicy Seasonings Gift Set

Spicy seasonings gift set

Heat hot sauce shop has a variety of gifts for the spicy food lover. This gift set has 4 different spicy seasonings that are perfect for any meal or snack. And, they wrap and pack really well – perfect if you are are shipping this gift to someone in the mail.

3. Spicy Nut Variety Sacks

Spicy nuts

We admit, the name had us laughing. These spicy nut variety packs are the perfect gift for the spicy food lover in your family that has a sense of humor. You can choose from all different nuts, and we suggest getting a few!

4. TRUFF Hot Sauce

Truff hot sauce bottle

TRUFF hot sauce is all the rage lately. It’s crazy how popular a little known pepper company can become when they make a great sauce. TRUFF Hot Sauce uses black truffle in its recipe, giving it a unique flavor profile. It isn’t cheap (for hot sauce), but everything about this sauce is exciting to the spicy food lover. Get it on Amazon here.

Note: this sauce has a strong truffle flavor. Make sure whoever you’re giving this sauce to is also a fan of truffles!

5. Chili Pepper Infused Maple Syrups

Chili pepper infused maple syrups

Why would anyone want a spicy pancake? Why NOT?! Okay, maybe we’re crazy, but so is your Uncle Harvey. He’ll understand and enjoy this unusual combination of sweet and spicy. Get them on Amazon here.

6. Hot Pepper Grinders

Hot pepper grinders

These hot pepper grinders are a great gift for anyone that loves spice. They utilize some of our favorite peppers of all time. There is even an Aji Charapita grinder in one of the gift sets! There are a few different sets to choose from, all with different peppers and spices, so take a look around.

7. Live Pepper Plants

Live Pepper Plant

There are many sources for buying live pepper plants. The easiest way is to head to Lowes or Home Depot and pick out a common pepper variety.

If you want to really impress a spicy food lover, you’ll get them something special. For example, maybe a live Carolina Reaper plant or a Ghost pepper plant.

Growing hot peppers is one of our passions. Any spicy food lover will agree that it makes eating spicy food more special. They can use the peppers to make their own hot sauce, or simply eat them as a spicy snack.

You can also read our post on Where To Buy Carolina Reapers (And Other Peppers).

8. Heatonist Hot Sauce Box

Heatonist Hot ones Box

If we’re honest, hot sauces take up most of the room in our fridge. Receiving a new hot sauce is like winning a mini-lottery. With so many options, it’s a constant temptation that we have to (try to) control.

Heatonist is a Brooklyn based company that specializes in delicious craft hot sauces. They have pre-selected 3-packs, single bottles, or subscription boxes available. We’ve ordered on more than one occasion, so we can assure you, they’re good! If you’re looking for the perfect spicy gift, look no further.

With the Hot Ones subscription box, spicy food lovers will get 3 brand new, often exclusive hot sauces to enjoy each month. The subscription can be delayed and managed easily each month, or you can just gift a single box for one month.

9. Spicy Food Lover’s Cookbook

The spicy food lovers cookbook

When I hear “sweet chili glazed” anything, my mouth starts watering. Follow it with “bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin” and I might need to excuse myself. Spicy food fanatics are always looking for new recipes to try out at home. This cookbook has a great variety of spicy dishes. Buy it here.

10. AeroGarden With Pepper Seed Pods

AeroGarden with peppers growing

We love our AeroGarden! In fact, we wrote up a very detailed review on growing peppers in the AeroGarden. The AeroGarden makes a wonderful gift for anyone that wants to grow delicious herbs (or spicy peppers) indoors. While the AeroGarden unit does not come with pepper seeds, there are many pods available for purchase. We had good luck with this spicy chili pepper variety seed pod kit.

11. Hot Pepper Seeds

Botanical Interests Pepper Seeds 2

Here at Pepper Geek, we’re all about growing hot peppers from seed. If your spicy food lover friend has never given it a shot, get them some packets of seeds. But you will have to warn them, the hobby is quite addictive!

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