Burn After Eating Hot Sauce Review

Burn After Eating Hot Sauce

About Burn After Eating Hot Sauce

Burn After Eating hot sauce comes to us from Karma Sauce, a small New York based company with a focus on locally grown produce. This particular hot sauce is being featured in the #9 spot on Season 10 of Hot Ones. This means we’re dealing with a pretty spicy sauce.

We were intrigued by the label right away, with the first ingredient touting ‘brutally hot peppers.’ The footnote indicates the types of peppers, in no particular order.

In this article, we’ll give you our take on the Burn After Eating hot sauce by Karma Sauces. Lets’ get started.

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Heat: 4/5Fiery hot to most, but not among the very hottest.
Flavor: 5/5 Unique, delightful flavor.
Value: 3.5/5 Reasonable price considering the ingredients list.
Overall rating: 4/5A great, spicy sauce.

Burn After Eating Hot Sauce Review

You’re going to have to like it very hot to truly enjoy this sauce. But if you do, Burn After Eating will not disappoint. The flavors are incredibly unique and the burn is not overwhelming (for a chilihead). I can see myself using this sauce on lots of different foods.


  • Bright, savory flavor – very unique (in a GOOD way)
  • Citrus undertones
  • Good and spicy not too hot, just right (for a true PepperGeek)

Put it on…

  • Fish / Seafood
  • Burgers
  • Grilled chicken

The aroma is the first indication that Burn After Eating is not ordinary. Clear notes of citrus, despite having no citrus fruits in the ingredients list. A clear tingle on the nostrils, warning of the heat. An expectation of sweetness, despite having 0g of sugar. The flavor comes alive immediately on the palate, delicious and powerful. I suspect some mild tannins, giving a similar experience to drinking black tea.

Burn After Eating Ingredients
Burn After Eating Ingredients

Tip: Try this on crispy grilled chicken, or wings! I think this sauce is actually a nice treat for guests on Hot Ones.

Burn After Eating Scoville & Spiciness

Burn After Eating is not your Grandma’s hot sauce. This stuff does pack a punch, but it isn’t too much to handle if you like things hot. Although it is featured in the #9 spot on Hot Ones season 10, I don’t think guests will have as much trouble with this as they will with Da Bomb.

To put it simply, Burn After Eating comes in at 669,000 SHUs on the Scoville Scale. Given the first ingredient is ‘brutally hot peppers,’ we expected a high Scoville rating for this sauce. I would like to know which pepper is first in line for this hot sauce…

How Much Does Burn After Eating Cost?

There’s not easy way to put this. Burn After Eating costs around $15 Amazon. Karma originally sold this sauce exclusively through Heatonist, but it is now more widely available thanks to increased demand.

The reason Burn After Eating prices are still relatively high is that there is increased interest in superhot pepper varieties. This sauce has a lot of superhot peppers in every bottle, so it is understandable that the price is higher than your average hot sauce.

Burn After Eating Consistency

Burn After Eating is nice and thick, but not difficult to get out of the bottle like the Last Dab Reduxx. For a high-heat sauce like this, I think the consistency is just right. If it is too pourable, you’re likely to overdo it. You’ll have to work the bottle a bit to get your fill, but it’s better than accidentally dumping piles of hot sauce on your lunch.

Burn After Eating Hot Sauce Consistency

Is Burn After Eating Worth It?

I am very impressed with the flavor and usability of this sauce. The price is the biggest deterrent in my opinion. If you can cough up the dough, I would absolutely recommend trying Burn After Eating. Kudos to Karma Sauce for making a genuine hot sauce that is actually usable and deliciously unique.

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  1. I have a bottle of this hot sauce. I like using as a base for pizza! Really good flavor and heat. A little bit goes a long way. I have over 30 different hot sauces in my house, and this is by far my favorite!


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