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Garlic Paprikash Hot Sauce Review

Garlic Paprikash Hot Sauce

Overall: 🌶🌶🌶🌶/5

Flavor: 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶/5

Smokey and savory, with a sweet and intensely flavorful finish. Not to salty, not too hot, not too weak. Just right for almost anything.

Price: 🌶🌶🌶/5

This sauce from Dragon’s Blood Elixir costs $7.50 per bottle, or if you buy 4 and make it a gift box, you’ll save $5 on the order.

This smokey, sweet and savory hot sauce seems to defy the universal laws of flavor. How can a hot sauce be great on pizza, but also provide “a spectacular addition to stews”? Well, it’s possible. If you actually put this sh*t on everything, maybe it’s time for an upgrade! Made by the talented and quirky “Dragon’s Blood Elixir” out of Connecticut, this and many other sauces are available for sale online.