It all starts with a seed. To find what you’re looking for, you may have to browse across several seed suppliers. This is especially true if you are interested in rare or unusual varieties. There are many, many seed websites, but here are some that we recommend:

Botanical InterestsCurated selection of classics.Get seeds
Rare SeedsHeirlooms, great selection.Get seeds
Chile Pepper InstituteArid climate types, hatch chiles.Get seeds
Johnny’s Selected SeedsF1 hybrids, disease resistant varieties.Get seeds
White Hot PeppersSuperhots, open pollinated and isolated.Get seeds
Matt’s PeppersRare and unique crosses.Get seeds
Fatalii SeedsC. baccatum species, great selection (No US Shipping).Get seeds
Bohica Pepper HutMany superhots and sweet varieties.Get seeds
BurpeeF1 hybrids, started plants.Get seeds
Sandia SeedNew Mexico varieties and more.Get seeds
Semillas La PalmaWide selection of superhots and C. pubescens.Get seeds
Forgotten HeirloomsRare peppers and tomatoes.Get seeds
Towns End Chile & SpiceSeeds and fresh peppers.Get seeds
Refining Fire ChilesHuge selectionGet seeds

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There are many more sites selling pepper seeds, there are just a selection that we have personally used and enjoyed. Enjoy shopping, and remember that seed selection is a very important step towards a successful pepper garden!