Ready to get your hands dirty?

Our video course is designed to help gardeners of all skill levels learn to grow peppers. It is truly one of my life passions to help others learn how to grow peppers, even if you have no experience.

Our course contains over 40 video lessons, starting with the basics, and getting into the hands-on techniques we use to grow our pepper gardens every year. Our goal is to help you grow successful pepper plants, even if you’ve never planted a single seed.

Learn to grow peppers, no experience required.

If you love spicy peppers, or just want to grow your own food, this video course is made for you.

  • Beginner focused lessons to help all skill levels grow with confidence
  • Hands-on visuals to guide you through each step of the growing process
  • Over 40 video lessons organized from planting seeds to harvesting fresh peppers
  • Troubleshooting section designed to help you with pests, disease, and other issues that you might run into
  • 100% money back guarantee – If for any reason you’re unhappy with your purchase, shoot us an email and we’ll refund your money – simple as that.

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About The Video Course:

After 2 years of planning, growing, and filming, we are so excited to finally offer our first ever video course. It is about our favorite crop: peppers!

We have over a decade of experience growing pepper plants from seed, and this course is our best guide on how we go about the entire process. If you are a beginner, this course will help you get off on the right foot and avoid many of the mistakes that we have made during our gardening career.


About Us…

Hi there, we are Calvin and Crystalyn from Pepper Geek. We are so excited to have finally created our pepper growing course. After many years of growing, learning from mistakes, and sharing that journey on YouTube, we have finally compiled our definitive video guide. We hope you enjoy and have some fun along the way!

-Calvin and Crystalyn