9 Desserts With A Spicy Kick


9 Spicy Dessert Recipes


If you’re looking for some desserts with a kick, look no more. These sweet treats are sure to please anyone who likes a little heat.

1. Chocolate Habanero Cupcakes

Image: Revamperate

It’s no secret that chocolate and spice make an award-winning combination. If you’re a fan of cupcakes and habanero, these are sure to please.
» Recipe at: Revamperate

2. Jalapeno Chocolate Chip Cookies

Spicy Chocolate Chip Cookies via Delishably

Image: Delishably

A unique and spicy twist on a classic cookie.
» Recipe at: Delishably

3. Fireball Blondies

Fireball Blondies via Sugardish Me

Image: Sugardish Me

If you love Hot Tamales half as much as us, you’ll love these blondies too. Oh, they also have Fireball Whiskey in them for an extra kick!
» Recipe at: Sugardish Me

4. Spicy Tabasco Brownies

Tobasco Brownies Via Always Order Dessert

Image: Always Order Dessert

Every spice-lover has Tabasco on hand at all times. Try adding a little kick to your brownies.
» Recipe at: Always Order Dessert

5. Chili Chocolate Fudge

Chili Fudge via Home Stories A to Z

Image: Home Stories A to Z

Fudge is incredibly easy to make. A little cayenne pepper gives this chocolate classic a little something extra.
» Recipe at: Home Stories A to Z

6. Mexican Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Avocado Mousse Via Cook Eat Paleo

Image: Cook Eat Paleo

Creamy and chocolatey with a little bit of heat. This mousse is made with avocado for a rich, satisfying texture.
» Recipe at: Cook At Paleo

7. Hot And Spicy Gingersnaps

Spicy Gingersnaps Via RecipeGirl

Image: RecipeGirl

Gingersnaps already have a pleasant kick, but these have a pinch more spice to make them extra-nice.
» Recipe at: Recipe Girl

8. Mexican Hot Chocolate Popsicles

Mexican Hot Chocolate Pops Via Healing Tomato

Image: Healing Tomato

Icy chocolate popsicles mixed with the heat of cayenne. A real experience for the mouth!
» Recipe at: Healing Tomato

9. Spicy Chocolate Covered Bacon

Spicy Chocolate Covered Bacon Via Chipa By The Dozen

Image: Chipa By The Dozen

This one is a no-brainer. Bacon, chocolate, cayenne, brilliant…
» Recipe at: Chipa By The Dozen


Spicy Desserts


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